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Summer seems to have decided that it is fed up of doing all the hard work and that it is time for a bout of cooler weather. Which means that the socks and jumpers are out once again, and a blanket is on top of the summer-weight quilt. The blanket being one of these, which was an impulse (sort of – I knew I needed a blanket) purchase on a trip to Ilkley about 20 months ago, and which has been doing wonderful service ever since, being warm and light and a much more interesting colour* than the computer screen makes it look. I really must see about making some sort of OTT smoking jacket for winter so that I don't end up putting my dressing gown on over my clothes when I don't want to turn up the central heating.**

I have acquired a new swimming costume from Decathlon, which makes things that one can actually swim AND lounge on a beach in, although I could have done with fewer of them being in black. I also have light bulbs, which is more complicated than one might think in these modern times.

I am back on the bandits! I have achieved a thousand words of fic this weekend, my jubilation only slightly tempered by the fact that it was almost all an unanticipated new scene and so I am not in fact further forward with the plot as planned.

Four days at work before a fortnight off. Sing it as a fugue!

*In fact it looks much better on Amazon.

**The thermostat is at the bottom of the stairs, in a draught. All the warm air whizzes past it leaving the sitting room chilly, and making me feel I ought not turn it up to 24C even though the house really isn't. If I owned the place I would glass in the staircase.

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