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Where did the weekend go?

It has been one of those weekends on which I had a lot to do, haven’t done enough of it, and have realised too late that the only way to have done some of it was if I picked one of the things at the start and committed to that, as opposed to committing to nothing. Oh well, better next time.
One of the ways that I wasted time was looked for Measure for Measure videos on YouTube. It turns out that there aren’t that many, though I learnt that Cheek by Jowl are doing European tour of a Russian version, which I could be tempted by.

There is however, a version of Act IV scene II in which Angelo propositions Isabella including a rather young David Tennant (with his own accent) and Catherine Cusack. The lighting is dreadful and the ‘improvised’ camera-work accurately described by someone in the comments as ‘up-the-nose’, but it’s an interesting reading of the scene.

And now I am going to go and finish writing my holiday diary if it kills me. It is an irony of diary-writing that when you’re in the middle of doing lots of exciting things that you want to record for posterity, you have no time in which to do it.

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Tags: real life, shakespeare, theatre
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