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Sharked up a list of lawless resolutes

[personal profile] bookwormsarah’s post about Hamlet inspired me to wonder – and surely I am not the first – whether there are Hamlet parallel plays in which Horatio is in league with young Fortinbras. Surely there must be. I have always had a soft spot for Fortinbras since doing Hamlet for A-level; I preferred his just getting on and doing things, though admittedly invading Denmark is perhaps easier politically than killing your own monarch. Perhaps that is Claudius’s mistake; he should have recalled Hamlet and sent him to invade Sweden – via Norway. (Honestly, who believes “we’re not invading you, we’re just passing through en route to Poland?”)

I am feeling irritated. The weather is grey and dreary and cold and it didn’t help that the central heating in the office wasn’t working for much of yesterday. Another department of work has had a year to ask us to check some data. So now we get it right at the start of term, with 3 ½ weeks in which to do it. So now I am going to say sod the ironing that I have not done, and go and watch an episode of Frasier with Lilith in it.

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