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Good Omens and bad timing

A broadcast date for the radio adaptation of Good Omens (22 - 27 Dec.) was welcome news at the end of a day off that has been a bit of a damp squib*. I woke up absolutely knackered, and having collected my glasses from work, set off late to Bicester (where I did not intend to go to the 'designer' clothes outlet centre, but Halfords/Aldi/garden centre) only to cross the bridge over the A34, see the massive traffic jam with ambulance speeding up the middle, and rapidly change my plans. Thank goodness that I wimped out of the nearest sliproad to where I had been, in favour of the one that lets me check the traffic. So I came home, got changed, and went to the gym to bore myself rigid for an hour or so in the aim of swift traffic up the Scandinavian fells in March. I seem to have done bugger all with the afternoon, but I suppose that I am at least rested.

Moral of the story: don't book a day off work in order to have a long weekend and get some stuff done on a day that the retailers are trying to push as Massive Spending Day. I feel there is a certain irony that I ended up spending nothing on a day I would otherwise have been spending +£50.*

But I have picked up my Eurosport subscription, and the cross-country skiing world cup starts tomorrow! Domination of the ironing basket will soon be mine.

*Though a nice lemon sole has also helped.

**Actually, I did pay for gym, because it's council pay-as-you-go, but it wasn't a shop.

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