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Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban is a weaker film structurally than I had remembered. I think that it loses thematically by not included the Christmas sequence, with Harry receiving the mysterious gift of the Firebolt and Hermione reporting it. Cue mistrust and tension among friends over the issue of telling teachers, and parallels with the Marauders’ era. I still amused by the fact that the climatic sequence of a children’s book/film is a bunch of middle-aged men failing to get over their teenage angst. It is slightly embarrassing that it has only just struck me that it isn't simply Snape's hatred for Sirius-the-bully driving him, but that he genuinely believes at this point that Sirius was responsible for Lily's death.

There are many things that I have not done today. I remain considerably behind on several obligations of friendship. But I have finished all my Christmas shopping bar one thing, chopped things down in the garden, painted some twigs white to decorate tomorrow*, and am about to settle down with game casserole and episode 3 of Crimes of Passion.

*I only had gloss paint, so they will have to dry overnight.

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