nineveh_uk (nineveh_uk) wrote,

How much work have I left until Christmas?

This much work!

Possibly less. Today I was late in even by my standards*. Tomorrow I am going to be there on time, try to blast my way through the remaining items on the "essentials" list**, and get out at the end by c. 1 o'clock, which if I can achieve it will make the things that I have to do at home significantly more manageable. And then freedom for a fortnight!

*My boss and I have what I once articulated as an "informal agreement on a flexible start time".

**Hopefully while proof-reading them, as I am now sufficiently tired to be making significant mistakes in both speech and type.

ETA: Lunchtime escape hasn't happened. Thing I thought would be quick, wasn't. Can't really complain as only decided yesterday to do this and miscalculation of time involved my fault. But wish I had realised in time to actually go and have a lunch break. Will now dash to shop for sandwich as blood sugar no longer being sustained by chocolate cake. But no point in wasting half day's leave on a couple of hours, and would be too tired by time reached home, and lost daylight, to do what I planned anyway. Still, bugger.

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