nineveh_uk (nineveh_uk) wrote,

In which I admit defeat

I returned my most recent LoveFilm DVD having battled through it with gritted teeth and the promise that this was the end, that I had reached the end of the second series of Twin Peaks. I didn’t see Twin Peaks when it was first broadcast, got the DVDs of the first series from the library a few years ago, and on hearing about the forthcoming revival, decided that I should see the second. Which was entertaining to begin with, went rapidly downhill, and I spent the last several episodes managing to watch only through knowing that there was no more.

But I was wrong. The second-worst news of yesterday was the email telling me my next disc - another four sodding episodes of sodding Twin Peaks. And there’s another four after that! It is going back unopened; I cannot spend another minute of my life on it. I am going to find some classic comedies to watch instead. Anyone who has recommendations for classic comedies feel free to make them.

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Tags: film, television
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