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More Vorkosigans incoming

I should like to be more enthusiastic about the newly-announced Vorkosigan book - to be published next February - than I am finding myself. I haven't been keen on the last three, and I imagine that I would need a change in what Bujold currently seems interested in doing in order for it to engage me. It's about Cordelia, and while I like early Cordelia, her later incarnation does little for me (though that may partly be fandom osmosis of her All Knowing Wisdom in Personal Relationships interposing itself between me and the text).

The title is Gentleman Jole and the Red Queen. I hope that's a working title. Jole, IIRC, is the off-screen v. minor character that parts of fandom think Aral appointed for his good looks. This all sounds rather grudging; I hope that it is good and my kind of thing, I am just not counting on it.


On books, but another subject, I must work out how to organise my kindle library while it is still fairly small. Why has the Gutenberg download of John Halifax, Gentleman* emerged with a little square icon that reads simply "Personal"? Is Mrs Craik NSFK compared to Austen? Also need to delete accidental clippings.

*A must read for Mrs Gaskell fans. You can't have too many Midlands self-made men, and their manly friendships.

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