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AKICOLJ/DW - computer edition

I think that it might be time to admit I need a new computer after all. I didn’t install a new hard drive in the existing one, because I was able to get the volume down to reasonable levels, but it just doesn’t seem to have the processing power to cope any more, and is prone to extremely annoying freezing.* I am not going to get into installing new RAM and all the rest of it – the machine is 8 years old, after all, and while it’s had gentle use in terms of moving about and seems fine mechanically, there isn’t a lot of point in sinking substantial amounts of money into it.

So it’s new computer time, and therefore time to crowdsource opinions. Bought a new computer recently? What do you like? What do you hate? What are the recommended options these days? What did your friend buy and regret massively having/not having? It is going to be a PC laptop** (I’ve currently got a Dell, which has given sterling service for nearly 8 years). It doesn’t need to be a particularly thin or portable laptop, it’s just that I don’t have a permanent computer desk set-up at home – in fact, I want something with a biggish screen.

*It doesn’t have any viruses, malware, etc. It just can’t cope with complex websites any more, and Windows 7 is also proving more demanding than XP.

**Mac advocates, I understand why you like them, but I’m not interested in the substantial extra cost given that I won’t use the extra functions.

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