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It was unbelievable, Mulder, I couldn't have imagined anything like it

'Scully? What did you see.'

'It was an obscenity. I felt as if I were seeing something against all the laws of nature. A glimpse into another time, another world, one where we made different decisions. Wrongdecisions. You can't imagine...'

'I'll have to, if you don't tell me. Come on, Scully, don't leave me hanging here.'

'You and I were there. We were - oh God, Mulder - we were in a relationship. We had sex. We'd had a child! Why are you smiling like that? It was awful.'

'It's amazing! Don't you see? It's the proof we've been searching for. I don't care however many universes there are: that could never happen of our own volition. It must be proof that alien mind control technology exists!'


Yes, I've now seen The X-Files: I Want to Believe*. As a film it is unimpressive. As a double-length monster of the week episode it's fine.** Except for the fact that I haven't watched The X-Files beyond random episodes of the first three or four series and the first film, and I had somehow managed to maintain ignorance of the fact that Mulder and Scully get into a romantic relationship. And sucker as I am for UST and romance in some stories, for this one I can only quote Willow from BtVS: 'Weird? It's against all laws of God and Man!' Truly, there are things on this earth with which one should not meddle, and the epic platonic comradeship of Mulder and Scully is definitely one of them.

*And made progress with the Ironing of Doom.

**Apart from the usual plot holes, lack of sufficiently supernatural mystery, and I have no idea what they intended with the gender and sexuality issues around the villains and their evil plan, but at the most generous interpretation they are bizarre and incredibly ill thought through.

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