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Random things make a post

* The downside of going on holiday in September is that it clashes with the season for Marjorie seedling plums and, even more critically, Discovery apples. I love Discoveries, and as they don't keep and have a very short season; once they're gone, they're gone. But there is a kilo in my fruitbowl, so I will at least have some this year.

* Some genuinely good news (well, apart from the fact it was needed in the first place...): Mozambique has been declared free of mines. Also see the BBC for a picture of a trained mine-detecting rat in a little harness.

* The 2015 Ig Nobel Prizes have been announced. Apparently, if it doesn't hurt when your ambulance goes over speed bumps, you don't have appendicitis.

* New Doctor Who tomorrow! This is a much nicer welcome to autumn than Wednesday's horrible rain.

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