nineveh_uk (nineveh_uk) wrote,

Very short Who-fic

Hair! Not bald! Pity, baldness is cool. Long hair! Lots of hair, that's good. Different, but good. Face all there, lots of bones, nice jaw. No beard, but you can't have everything. Hands! Bit small, actually, might wear gloves. Oh, etheric beam locators! That's useful. Ah. Not in fact etheric beam locators, breasts. Haven't had those in a while, and not for very long then. You were running through regenerations rather fast, and now you think of it you never met him in that body. Oh, this could be fun. Need a new outfit, of course, and perhaps the name. Disguise it a bit, so it takes him time to guess. If the Doctor has a fault - what are you saying, he has hundreds of them - but fairly close to the top of the list is a lack of imagination when it comes to what his friends might be thinking.

Oh, so many opportunities. So much fun.

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Tags: doctor who
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