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Domesticish weekend

It is a truth universally acknowledged that a well-organised cupboard holds more than a cupboard into which things have been crammed at random and that you worry about opening the door of in anticipation of Stuff falling out. After a certain amount of work this afternoon my airing cupboard is now much tidier. Only the rest of the house to go before Tuesday's inspection by the agent. Tomorrow I get to clean the oven, oh joy, oh rapture. I wouldn't normally, but since I am specifically going to get them to get the oven door fixed so it doesn't require the strength of ten (pure hearts optional) to open, I should at least make a gesture in that direction.

A domestic weekend is much cheered by the return of the cross-country skiing world cup. Winner of the hardcore stakes must be Aino-Kaisa* Saarinen, who at four months pregnant is just looking for motivation for training rather than victory, but still - 1.30 min off the leader is pretty impressive. This year has no Olympics and no World Championships, so several of the older skiers have taken the opportunity to have a baby before returning to the WC next year as a lead in to another Olympics. As I am not hardcore, my achievement of the opening ski weekend*** is some significant ironing. I have a couple of quilt covers lined up for tomorrow.

I seem to have failed to write fic today. These things happen. Tomorrow!

*I love the name Aino-Kaisa. My hypothetical daughter is lucky she doesn't exist. Mind you, if my hypothetical daughter did exist, the many terrible names** I might give her would be the least of her problems compared to having me as a mother. As I put it once, "I would be fine as an upper-class Victorian father."

**The great thing about not wanting children is that the list of potential baby names is not bounded by fairness towards a real person.

***Except for those Norwegian races I watched a fortnight ago.

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