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Oh! The romance of children in wheelchairs.

I have finished watching Heidi (short clip), which was marvellous. I had not realised quite how excellent the adult cast is, though I was slightly disappointed to realise that the scene of which I have cherished a memory all these years is apparently one that I invented. I would also have liked the DVD to include the German soundtrack, just so that I could hear what it sounds like. The infamous dubbing is actually excellent. Go forth and re-live your childhood.

Showing that I am hopelessly corrupt, Fraulein Rotternmeier’s hopeless sigh of “Herr Sesmann” had my fanfic brain working hard, but happily I am spared the compulsion to ruin the story by the discovery that one television production has already done it. Honestly, shipping aside Heidi finds Clara¹s governess, Fraulein Rottenmeier, to be a kind woman, but the spoiled Clara is mean to Heidi: why don’t Warner Brothers just decide that the Death Eaters have the right idea and have done with it? That said, what with Rottenmeier's reading of C19 Mills & Boon, and the romance between Sebastian and Tinette, there is rather more sex than I had remembered!

Oh yes, has a very weird version of the theme music sung by a sheep.
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