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Boggle and do it anyway - fic

A sort of resolution is that henceforth when I have ideas for stories I should note them down rather than try to keep them in my head for years before eventually deciding I have time to write them. I don't have to write them straight away, just make a note. Naturally therefore noting something down turned into writing it more or less straight away*. I'm not entirely sure that this ought to be 2016 as I mean it to go on, but productivity counts for something, right? Even if the contents are completely mad.

So yes, fic. At A03: Uneclipsed

As for the content, it is, er, Dorothy Parker RPF/Tanz der Vampire crossover. I can't help it, it's the way my mind works. One minute you're listening to Total Eclipse of the Heart with vampires, next you're putting an English degree to dangerous use to reflect that the scenario fits beautifully against a Dorothy Parker poem, and then a month later you remember that you thought that and decide that clearly a crossover is the way to go.

It is a jeu d'esprit that I can't honestly think that it is of any interest to those who don't know the canon, so as a reward for reading thus far here is Parker reading One Perfect Rose instead.

*I blame walking to work on Tuesday

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Tags: fandom corrupts the mind, fic, poetry, tanz der vampire
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