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Fic! Daddy Long-Legs

Again at AO3 as of minor interest in search of a specialist audience: Wilful and Unfemininely Determined.

I thank whoever it was who wrote an article pointing out that Daddy Long-Legs should be read at least as much as a Bildungsroman as a romance, which combined with my own conviction of it as a comedy of manners makes it 1000% less creepy. I much prefer Jervis Pendleton as a relatively young man who has got massively out of his depth than the idea that he is totally and inherently creepy. OK, there is an unavoidable element of creep-factor given the scenario, but really, Judy runs rings around him.

That said, I still greatly admire the author of this blog post, "A Highly Scientific Analysis Of Daddy-Long-Legs Adaptations". Four versions, rated by "fidelity", "awesomeness of Judy", "creepiness", and "overall watchability" with the sad conclusion Science has proven that the completely unwatchable Korean version is the winner by virtue of not having a negative score. It’s a sad day when the best adaptation of something is the one which in no way resembles the original plot. In the midst of one of my "must read all the things" new fandom discoveries I tracked down on the internet the playtext of the first DLL adaptation, by Jean Webster herself. It was very much of the drawing-room comedy variety. I fear that while it would do fine on the first three categories, it would suffer badly on watchability through being massively, Edwardianly, dull.

*Film really is a challenge for a novel that depends for its charm on its strong narrative voice.

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