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Friday night is writing night

I really need to buy that thesaurus. Still, with some effort I have managed to come up with sufficient synonyms for "terror".

I wish that those five years of daily primary school assemblies followed by four years of middle school thrice a week ones had been a bit less parables and 1980s school hymns*, and a bit more Book of Common Prayer so that I didn't have to hope that the quotations dictionary*** would contain something suitable for my fic purposes. It did, and the fic proceedeth towards its end. Fortunately the question of "was this vampire count Orthodox or Catholic during his life" can be left for another occasion.****

*Of the ten, we did eight of these, "Kum ba yah" cropped up in other singing, and I know a bit of "Colours of day" because my sisters' middle school did it. The effect on my spirituality can be summed up in that the most sincere observance of ritual I engaged in was to make sure to tidy the money tray before lunch on any day in winter that we sang "When I Needed a Neighbour" as in combination this was an unfailing spell to make it rain and let us stay in at dinner time.** I do occasionally sing some of them in the shower, though.

**Whereas "Have you heard the raindrops" was just a song about rain, and the chorus was invariably flat.

***My The New Penguin Dictionary of Quotations is absolutely indispensable for Wimseyfic, though this is not the genre in question this evening.

****Though I expect to go for Catholic should it be necessary to specify, it's simpler. Fascinating as the Unitarian Church of Transylvania is to read about, and the period is right, I think I'll leave that one out of it.

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