nineveh_uk (nineveh_uk) wrote,

Technology vs personality

Scene: Nineveh_uk is in PC World to pick up a cheap USB stick so that she will finally create the factory reinstall disc for her 10 month old 'new' laptop. She is there because it is clear that she is not going to get round to ordering one more cheaply online.

Nineveh_uk: Oh! Look at those dinky tablet+keyboard/netbook things! They are small and light and the ones that are not meant to completely replace your computer (nor made by Apple) are really cheap! Just imagine, you could take one and holiday and get some writing done, typing on its real keyboard!

Reality: Really? Let us consider how much you ever write on a holiday, even with computer access. Is there any chance that you would actually do this on a real holiday, as opposed to a fantasy holiday enjoyed by your millionaire self in which you e.g. spent a month in Norway skiing every morning and writing in the afternoons?

Nineveh_uk: When you put it like that... Ends resolution to go and look at dinky netbook things in Which?

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Tags: computers, real life
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