nineveh_uk (nineveh_uk) wrote,

I have a theory

It has been shown that asparagus makes everyone's urine smell, but only some people have the gene that enables them to detect said smell.

I think that coriander tastes like soap to everyone, it's just that some of us like that.



Me: OK, out of these two weeks in July, the second one suits you better for me to visit. Are you are sure that Mum doesn't want to do [thing] in that week?

Parents: Definitely.


Mum: Have you booked your plane tickets for July?

Me: Not yet, I was going to do it tonight.

Mum: Oh good. I'd like to do [thing] after all, can you come the previous week?

As Ian Fletcher would put it in Twenty Twelve, it's all good.

ETA: This morning.

Mum: Actually, I've decided that's not a good idea, I won't do [thing] this time, so we can go back to the original week.


At least I know where I get my indecisiveness from.

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Tags: natural world, real life
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