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So little England you couldn't find it with an electron microscope

I am sure that there are reasonable arguments that can be made in favour of the UK leaving the EU. They aren't arguments with which I'd agree - for all its manifest flaws, the EU is an institution I support in principle and think benefits the UK in practice - but I will acknowledge that they could be made.

The following is not a reasonable argument for leaving the EU:

There are secret plans to change the name of south-east England to "North France." It's already started. There used to be a sign at Exeter that said "Gateway to Devon", but now it says "Regional Capital".

Apparently Germany is plotting to rule us all, too. Call me sceptical, but it was my impression Angela Merkel had enough on her plate without plotting to invade Belgium.

Yes, I made the mistake with engaging with a local Brexit stand. Reasoned argument was not on the agenda. Straight up bigotry, conspiracy theory, and platitudes of "We should rule ourselves!" were.

I really, really don't want to go leafleting. And yet...

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