nineveh_uk (nineveh_uk) wrote,

Le weekend

Among other things...

Trousers taken up: 1 pair
Trousers let down: 1 pair (NB they were different trousers)

Tennis matches watched whilst doing the same: 1
Inevitable Serbian victories: 1

Summer holidays booked: 0
Rueful acknowledgement that you ought to have started sorting out summer holidays much sooner: many

Hollyhocks purchased: 1
Hollyhocks planted: 0

Pieces of writing worked on: 2
Web searches in conjunction with said writing include:
- How long does a body take to fall*
- Electrocution
- Electric shock deaths UK
- How long does plaster of Paris take to dry

I really hope that no-one I know turns up electrocuted with plaster casts taken of any part of their body before they're pushed off something. Obviously I would hope that anyway, but generally with less self-interest.

*Alas the Wikipedia page on equations for a falling body is the wrong kind of body, but the Splat Calculator (from a climbing website) was very helpful.

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Tags: real life, writing
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