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It's the end of the term as we know it

I have just done some homework for the first time in umpteen years. Being in a classroom again, even an informal lunchtime classroom, is weird. [personal profile] white_hart kindly reassured me that the reason I had forgotten the German for computer and thus had to ask for it in order to create the sentence the instructor required was probably that I hadn't forgotten it, but that I had almost certainly never learned it. I feel both less forgetful and more old. I read something in the Journal of I Saw It Somewhere Studies about memories not being lost when we forget something but rather rendered inaccessible and the last couple of weeks of dragging myself up to my Lower Intermediate class level has really felt not like learning anew, but trying to clear away the detritus of years that obscures the things that I once knew from view, and drag the dative case kicking and screaming into the light.

After a week's EU referendum campaign that devolved into horror, things seem a bit calmer again, though I am avoiding this evening's television debate.* I don't know if the mood at work has changed to optimism or resignation. On a rather more trivial note I was supposed to be booking a summer holiday before the end of Thursday just in case the pound tanked, but I haven't quite managed to do it yet on account of having not quite decided what to do.** So apparently my worry about exchange rates does not quite outweigh my inability to make up my mind.

On a lighter note, it is very, very nearly the end of term! My last major committee meeting is on Friday, at which it can be safely assumed everyone will either be giddy with relief and demob happy, or sunk in despair.*** I suspect that either way the decisions made may not be entirely on rational grounds. Not, of course, that that is anything unusual. It is very nearly the end of term, and it can't come soon enough. There are garden parties tomorrow and Thursday and it may not rain. I have decided that on Thursday night I shall be taking sleeping pills. I do not need to repeat the experience of the Scottish referendum, sitting in bed at 2am watching the count. The morning will be soon enough to know, one way or the other.

*Gisela Stuart, have you lost your mind?

**Moral, don't leave booking your holiday for ages until loads of stuff is booked up. Also, try to work out the difference between the feeling that actually you aren't really bothered about doing Thing, and anxiety about Thing that you do want to do manifesting as pretending to yourself that you aren't really bothered about doing Thing.

***Universities are strongly institutionally and on an individual staff level pro-Remain. The consequences of leaving the EU will have a severe impact on British higher education as a global player, quite apart from the effect on individual EU staff and students.

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