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[ETA: Can anybody recommend any good UK picture books for babies that do not have any words in (for baby in Denmark, who will no doubt end up fluent in English, but who doesn't need to start yet)?]

I have temporarily abandoned Passage for Ngaio Marsh's Tied Up in Tinsel. Happily the threats of bondage have not come to pass, but we do have canon confirmation that Troy is a pyjama-wearer, and she's just got rather drunk at dinner. She's so much more interesting than Inspector Alleyn. Now the pyjamas are confirmed, I really must get on with that fanfic.

I saw Atonement at the pictures on Monday. The adaptation is well done, and the changes at the end work well and are necessary to make a film out of it. However without a doubt the best thing in the film is the fabulous pair of cami-knickers worn by Keira Knightley. M&S may be more sensible for every day, but it lacks the glamour of cream silk with tucks and lace, and I shall have to go to Paris and find a pair in case I ever want to dive into a fountain in front of a desirable man.

That careers quiz wot everybody's doing.

1. Desktop Publisher

2. Cartoonist / Comic Illustrator

3. Artist

4. Writer

5. Print Journalist

6. Industrial Designer

7. Critic

8. Website Designer

9. Medical Illustrator

10. Communications Specialist

11. Translator

12. Activist

13. Public Policy Analyst

14. Market Research Analyst

15. Animator

16. Anthropologist

17. Podiatrist

18. Historian

19. Computer Trainer

20. GIS Specialist

Thus demonstrating the fundamental problem with all these sorts of models; I have a decent eye for design, I enjoy drawing and own a paintbox, and I could probably have got a good grade in A-level art if I had worked considerably harder than I needed to for my actual A-levels, but I have nowhere near the skill for even straightforward illustration as a profession, as opposed to a sketch of a shoe in my diary. I'll agree podiatrist is more likely than computer trainer, but how on earth either rates in my top 20 I have no idea. To be fair, it looks quite an interesting site, and as I am presently thinking about these issues (again) I shall explore it further.

Never mind, after a near two-year drought that I am putting down to a shift in periods of creative life, I actually have a good, marketable idea for a novel that I think I am going to be able to write now as opposed to in 20 years time, and am going to attempt to put some effort in this winter. Failing success in the literary arts, I think I shall stick to my old standby career preferences:

1. Rich idler

2. Kitten wrangler for cute calenders

3. Benevolent dictator of small state, who survives a possibly set-up assassination attempt and goes on to rule over my people until my natural, premature and much-mourned death at 45 (I hate to cut life short, but it's necessary if one wants to be a legend). It's alleged, but unproven that I assassinated a previous president (which indeed I did), and that I seduced a cabinet official in a neighbouring state in order to get hold of some important documents concerning mineral resources. This is not quite accurate, but I did steal said docs from his bedroom, subsequently shooting him, and escaping via a fire escape, flat roof, and helicopter. It is not rumoured that the local translation of the manga version of my life (which involves a lot more sex, drama, and political skulduggery than even I have managed) was actually funded by me, but it was. I am known to be a hopeless fan of "Phantom of the Opera".
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