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Over the mountains, over the sea

Belatedly, some summer holiday photos! I had a new camera after I dropped the old one in the sea earlier this summer, so I took vast numbers of photos thinking that I would be able to tweak settings and compare, and forgetting that there was no way I was going to remember which setting were which photo. So on both the plus and minus side I now have vast numbers of photos to sort through... Of which there follow just a few.

ETA: I've worked out how to re-size them to something sensible now...

There were green mountains.

There were rocky mountains.

Path below Valluga mid-station

Not to mention valleys.

There was wildlife with very big ears.

Deer between trees

And wildlife with wings. The squirrels, despite the new camera, did not come out well.

There was a man in pursuit of wildlife. I think that seeing a man hunting chamois gives me half a point for chamois even though I didn't see any myself.

There were some very narrow paths on very steep ground.

There was me having not fallen off them. The hair was courtesy of my new walking hate, which was excellent but couldn't help having the same effect on my hair as all other hats.

Woman hiking

And finally, some baroque'n'roll architecture in St Gallen.

In short, I heartily recommend St Anton in the off-season. Hotels half the price of winter and lifts to do the boring bit of the climb for you, gorgeous scenery and wonderful clean air.

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