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This week in the Ministry of “Take back control”

British government policy on Brexit is being run from Ireland. That might be OK if it were being run from Dublin, where the Irish government appears to have a grasp of reality on the subject and would probably be a much better bet than the current lot. Unfortunately it is being run from Belfast, where Arlene Foster is demonstrating quite how much power a minor coalition party can wield in the right circumstances. I await developments with interest.

Meanwhile another contestant in the “Have they got a spine?” show, the IOC, receives this afternoon the latest report on Russian state-organised cheating at Sochi. News on their response will appear this evening. I think that the mostly likely outcome is some restriction of Russian participation in Pyeongchang in 2018, but it’s always possible that cowardice/bribery will win the day.

Finally, the English cricket team must be ruing their failure to bowl Australia out in their first innings. As I have said before, as a team they are capable of putting together a very good session. Unfortunately they appear incapable of putting several good sessions together in a row in order to win a match.

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