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Yuletide reveals

For the first time in ages I wrote a fic for Yuletide! As per the last couple of times it was a treat rather than doing the exchange, but it was still a fic. 2018 resolution: Do More Writing.

Let's Tell the Press (1852 words) by Nineveh_uk
Fandom: Fyra år till / Four More Years
Rating and Warnings: G, CNTW
Summary: The Swedish media reacts to the Riksdag's love story of the century.

I've written about the film previously on LJ/DW here. Thanks to the recipient for prompting the one story that I could actually write: I don't claim to know a lot about the Swedish media, but you can get a long way on a superficial knowledge gleaned from the winter sports pages and it was fun to do. It's an absolutely tiny fandom - this is the first AO3 story - but that's the great thing about Yuletide, it's the one time when your really obscure interest will find its one reader. Now I'm looking forward to the opportunity to actually read some Yuletide stories myself.

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Tags: fandom, film, yuletide challenge
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