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Fic review 2017

There's no denying it, the best word to sum up my fic output in 2017 is: small. A grand total of 14,520 words published, and a little more written. Though having just done some counting this is not as bad as I feared, as apparently I have some several thousand more words of the Wimsey/Potterverse fic than I did last January, but overall there isn't much positive spin to put on just not getting stuff done. There were some external reasons for this, mostly that I wasn't well for much of the year and what energy I had went into surviving work and occasionally having a life, but it was also a question of discipline as well, namely the lack thereof.

Some pluses:

- I wrote in three new fandoms (Elisabeth, The Comfortable Courtesan, Four More Years).

- I completed what is by far my most popular fic in terms of numbers, In the Studio, the Eurosport commentators' perspective on Yuri on Ice. What it is to be part of a megafandom!

- At the 'write for yourself' end of the scale, I really enjoyed writing The Whispering Grass. Three thousand self-indulgent words of angsty vampire backstory, also responsible for my discovery of the existence of the Unitarian Church of Transylvania (dating to 1568), and the survival of slavery in Romania until the 1850s.

As for 2018, not a lot so far, but I've started and mean to go on. Peter will solve the Corsican werewolf murder yet! And I might even come up with a title.

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