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Pre-Olympic observations

The UK's chances at the Winter Olympics may be limited, but BBC commentator Rob Walker has been doing a fine job of upholding the nation's honour by running the length of the cross-country ski tracks clad in a pair of shorts at -15C.

Rob Walker running in Pyeongchang

More photos here.

Fingers are crossed that the honour of the nation might also be upheld on the cross-country tracks by a top ten place or two for Andrew Young and Andres Musgrave (who can be seen here falling over repeatedly on a roller ski treadmill). I do wish I put some bets on back in September.

Meanwhile, a bunch of security staff have got norovirus, and flu has hit North and South Korea. I foresee a run on liquid soap.

Naturally the various issues around Sochi, doping, and eligibility to compete for Russia - sorry, I mean the Olympics Athletes from Russia - continue to be what can only be described as a massive clusterfuck. This one's going to run and run. However I do wish that my German or Russia were good enough to read for myself this article by one of the CAS judges, Michael Geistlinger, former Secretary of the IBU and man with an interesting previous career.*


The article examines the key aspects of the accession of the Republic of Crimea to the Russian Federation as the example of enforcement of the people’s right to self-determination, secured in UN Charter. International law basis of the accession, as well analysis of key reasons and consequences of this international precedent are under consideration.

But I'm sure that he was completely unbiased, of course.

*Lest I be thought biased against Russia, I assure you that I can be equally unimpressed with British Cycling recently and US Athletics approach to doping in the late 90s.

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