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Snow safari

My neck of the woods had a great deal less snow than much of the country, but still enough to manage a couple of short ski trips around the local park/playing fields/community woodland*. As ever, the wildlife was mostly attested to by its footprints and urine, but I did manage to discover a badger sett, which was suitably exciting. It didn't require a great deal of discovery, since a minor hole was very evident against the snow right by a track, but I did a bit of 'stalking' along the criss-crossed trails to find some suitably clear footprints to confirm it definitely wasn't a fox. Perhaps worth a wander down on a summer evening.

It is definitely thawing, though this evening's forecast rain appears to be decidedly white at the moment. I am happily ensconced with a nearly-ready pot roast pheasant, and tomorrow brings housework in anticipation of next weekend's parental visit (I didn't get a lot done during the Olympics, though my ironing basket was actually empty on Monday evening), and a lunchtime trip to Grave of the Fireflies.

*The bit shielding the playing fields from the ring road. The high winds meant that the actual fields had had most of the snow blown off them, hence park environs only. Fortunately it is a big park.

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Tags: real life, skiing, snow
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