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The truth is out there

Lucy Mangan, doing an excellent job of making me think I made the right decision in not getting round to watching the latest series of The X-Files. I shall attempt to quote a non-spoilery bit.

The Smoking Man is real, you see. Alive again, he plans to rid the world of the scourge of humanity because – oh, I don’t know. Because he’s evil? Knackered? Despairs, like the rest of us, of ever properly grasping his plot line again? Or simply tired of delivering portentous monologues in voiceover when he should be giving us his Lear at the Guthrie?

The X-Files was always a bit scary for me (am total wimp), and I've seen less of it than I'd have liked. I came to it too late, it stayed with us too long. It should have ended with the first film, Mulder and Scully both have actually seen the space ship and known the truth, and then snogged properly. All would have been happy.

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