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Was that the sun I saw today?

After some truly filthy weather earlier in the week when I was visiting my parents, finally today managed to bring a couple of hours in which warmth, sunshine, and the absence of rain coincided. I would say, "Long may it continue!", but it is forecast to rain tomorrow. On the plus side there continues to be no need to mow the lawn.

A swift state of the Nineveh:

* I read Soul Music last week and realised that I had never previously finished it. Teenage me was annoyed that it wasn't all about a girls' boarding school, and knew nothing about rock music. I still don't know much, but I got a lot more references. It's not one of Pratchett's best, I felt that although all the cast are potentially interesting it doesn't go deeply enough into any of them. However it is good fun and happily, Susan would get more developed in later books. I think that it may be time for a re-read of early middle-period Pratchett.

* I have made a sweatshirt out of this Liberty fabric with pink icebergs on it. I am rather smug about my successful essay of an exposed zip. OK, it would have been better if I had made a winter-themed sweatshirt in autumn rather than spring, but I shall wear it this weekend and then it will be ready in six months time.

* I am finally watching Skam, to be precise season 3 of Skam, which is the one that reached international fandom. It is as good as reported, far more teenager-ish teenagers than one often sees, and with outstanding acting. I shall certainly post about it when I've finished the series.

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