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The doping saga is dead, long live the doping saga

Jiffygate continues unresolved, perhaps forever. Chris Froome rides on, while inquiring minds ponder just how Team Sky intends to show he got those adverse findings though legit medical use. Pyeongchang is behind us, and the Commonwealth Games don't involve Russia, so the Sochi doping saga rattles on.

So kindly stepping in to prevent boredom over the summer come the Austrian police, who yesterday raided the offices of the International Biathlon Union, and today are working with the Norwegian authorities in an investigation involving the IBU president, 72 year old Anders Besseberg* and secretary general Nicole Resch. TL:DR, it's a corruption probe into the concealing of doping results of Russian competitors. The IBU appears to have been covering stuff up for years. Info in English here.

Alas, at this point I can't find the relevant article, but I seem to recall that two members of the CAS panel that decided that there was insufficient evidence to strip Sochi competitors of their medals, despite clear evidence of tampering were associated with, you guessed it, the IBU.

*He's been president since 1992, apparently, which tells you a lot about how this sort of thing happens in a number of sports. Maximum 10 year terms, for goodness sake!

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