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DW post is a Cry for Help

I appear to be writing Kylo Ren fic. Save me!

Last weekend I bought The Last Jedi on DVD. It's really a very expensive public education film about the danger of cults.

Much as I've always been a sucker for tormented baddies, I suspect it is being over-generous to the characterisation to be reminded of Claggart's line from the libretto of Billy Budd, 'the light shines in the darkness, and the darkness comprehends it and suffers.'* Nonetheless, it is very apt.

Question: in which work of popular culture have I recently been reminded of the line 'build a Heaven in Hell's despair', because it certainly wasn't Blake.** It will probably turn out to be Twilight or similar.

*I'd be surprised if the biblical original hadn't cropped up at some point in contemplation of the Force, though.

**Hell for me will be the pit of boiling oil while an amateur actor reads the lesser works of Blake and Wordsworth for all eternity.

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Tags: fandom corrupts the mind, film
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