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I, for one, welcome our new cetacean overlords

I have recently purchased this* white noise machine in an attempt to train my brain to be able to sleep when there is a little noise, to block out the sound from time to time of my next-door neighbour's music or heat pump when they are being a bit loud, and to be able to sleep with the window open when it's really hot without waking with the desire to take a bazooka to all birdlife in a half-mile radius at 4 o'clock in the morning**. Because I find the sound of white noise and fans*** incredibly annoying, I bought a machine that does brown noise and nature sounds (not the dawn chorus). I can take my pick of rain or the sea or a brook etc. Or if I am feeling more industrial, plane, train, washing machine and so on to sounds babies are known to fall asleep to.

Nonetheless, there are some interesting choices. Some people probably like the crowd options even if I don't, and I can why you'd pick them when wanting to use it to dull your own conversation. Each category of sound has four choices, so four different balances of rain and thunder going rain, rain + light thunder, bit more rain and thunder, even heavier thunder. Or four different annoying fans. That all makes sense. Some things, however, sound a bit unlikely from the soothing background noise perspective. The composer of the 'ocean' sequence, for instance, appears to be a wild-life loving sailor who grew up near Flamborough Head, hence the following:

Ocean waves and lapping water --> add gurgling water --> also add seagulls, seals, buoy bells --> also add foghorns.


Perhaps there are those dwellers of the coastal regions who like nothing more than to tuck themselves in and drift off accompanied by the soothing sound of a blast designed to be heard by ships twenty miles away. Personally I remember it more fondly in retrospect than when actually on childhood holiday. But what is the explanation for this one?

Whales --> Invasion of the whales....

*TL:DR review. It's great, does exactly what it says on the tin.

**I am a light sleeper anyway, but according to the internet the thing about noise that wakes you up is that the issue is change as much as volume. The person who can fall asleep to the TV may wake up if they are asleep and then the TV switches on at that same volume. Likewise it is easier for the brain to tune out noise distributed across the spectrum than a more narrow-pitched whine.

***Air conditioning is the bane of holidays in hot countries.

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