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The moral of the story

Is once again that something that seems intimidating before starting it turns out to be straightforward once I stop procrastinating. In this case, going back to the beginning of the Wimsey/Potterverse crossover and giving a substantial edit before continuing, which I finally got my act together and started this afternoon and found I was making very respectable progress. Admittedly I didn't get to any of the bits that are going to be tough, but they look a lot less tough from where I'm standing now than they did a few days ago.

'Twas ever thus. But I have begun and will endeavour to continue. Actually, no, I should take a lesson from Yoda on this one. It is do or do not, and having been do not-ing I had damn well better do. Onwards!

I am grateful to the bank holiday* for the opportunity. I am grateful to the bank holiday full stop. I didn't take the last one*, but however much I have to do this week at work, and the answer is a vast amount, there was no way that after a weekend visit by my sister and my 5 and 3 year old nephews I wasn't going to need a weekend to recover. They are nice little boys, but they have a lot of energy. Also, they discovered the piano. And, it being an electric piano, how to operate the sound effects...

I am re-reading Monstrous Regiment for the first time since the first read. Like a lot of Pratchett of that period, I am enjoying it a lot more the second time round than the first. I am still not sure whether this is the tone shift, or me at the time of reading.

*I see from the internet that technically this is not Whit Monday, but so I think of it.

**Will get time in lieu. This entry was originally posted at Please comment there using OpenID.
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