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How the TK Maxx website described this garment that I purchased recently:

Description: Green high neck hoodie
Colour: Green (obviously)

How the manufacturer (Naketano*) described this garment:

Description: Ralle Rizzo Pimped IV
Colour: LSD Trip Melange

Fortunately it is a cosy sweatshirt with a high collar, and no-one knows the name when you wear it.

I think that someone should tell them that naming your sweatshirts things like I Will Fuck Your Brain ceased to be cool and edgy around the time the Sex on the Beach cocktail hit the mass market.

They do get it right sometimes, though: the Jedi Path looks exactly what a Jedi would wear on a chilly planet. Luke probably has one stashed in a cupboard on Skellig Michael.


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Tags: sartorial elegance
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