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AO3: the Overall Meme

Thanks to [personal profile] naraht. It's massively skewed by the right fic at the right time in Yuri on Ice fandom, but has been interesting to discover the stats page, which I can't remember looking at before.

Account created: 21 December 2009, presumably Yuletide connected.
Total stories: 45 There is quite a lot I never transferred from FictionAlley* or LJ/DW. Must think about archiving the latter. The former is about to become not an issue because AO3 is transferring the entire archive. Though I must also think about that, too..
Total wordcount: 99,169
Average (mean) wordcount: 2203. This over-inflates the average, really. I seem to have a lot of quite short fics on AO3.
Longest story: My True Love Has My Heart. Peter/Harriet bodyswap fic... It's 12,200 words. By and large I don't write very long fics, and that's the only one over 10,000.
Shortest story: And the flood destroyed them all 152 words, These Old Shades, and the sole fic on AO3 tagged with Henri de Saint-Vire

Total kudos: 4786
Kudos (mean) per story: 106. Take out the fic with most kudos, and you get a less extreme 64.
Story with most kudos: In the Studio, which was a comic, multi-chapter fic right at the time when Yuri on Ice fic was still canon-focused and there wasn't as much of it. Its 1935 kudos is over seven times my next most-kudosed fic (also YOI). It has 1 kudos per 1.8 words, which is particularly ridiculous when you consider that it is written in script form and thus a disproportionate number of those words are "Commentator [1]".

Total comment threads: 569.
Comment threads per story: 12. Hmm, probably not unreflective overall.
Story with most comments: The aforementioned : In the Studio, with 138 comment threads. Honourable mention to The Sceptre at the Feast, which comes in second with 49 comment threads, and is a Yuletide 2009 fic that still brings in more kudos and occasional comments than I would expect for such a short piece.

Total author subscriptions: 54.
Total story subscriptions: 217. I assume many of them are awaiting the sequel to In the Studio,
Story with most subscriptions: Indeed, it's In the Studio, with 209 subscriptions.
Total bookmarks: 450
Story with most bookmarks: Go on, guess! You won't be wrong.

Stories with no comments or kudos: Two stories with no comments: Sabotage , which is a Yuri on Ice jeu d'esprit about what skaters really think when they get sex-pollened, and I've Been to a Marvellous Party, which was my Wimseyfic response to the Open-Source Boobs Project and which has got loads of comments, but they're all on LJ. No stories without kudos, with the lowest being The Whispering Grass, which is the very definition of a story one writes for oneself, but still manages 13.

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