nineveh_uk (nineveh_uk) wrote,

But how does one truly dance the spirit of the avalanche?

This weekend I have embarked on my Big Autumn Project, which alas is not writing a novel, sewing something amazing, doing some painting, or going to the gym. No, it is sorting out those things at home need to be sorted, and throwing out those that shouldn't be there at all. My place is basically tidy as far as superficial appearances go*, but there is far too much Stuff hanging around shoved in drawers etc and it needs to go. Or at least be stored more neatly. And I would like the spare room desk to be more usable more of the time. So sorting out that is what I am doing. I may be some time.

This is of course a less than thrilling activity even when set to the radio etc., which is why I didn't do it before, but it does occasionally throw out some gems. This one is from the Tirolean tourist board's winter sports division: "Interpretive ski mountaineering trail". What they mean is that it is a nature trail for ski touring, with educational notice boards to help you learn about avalanche danger. But I like the idea of interpretative skiing better.

*And where it isn't, youngest sister's "perpendicular" principle allows it to pass the parental eye. Mostly.

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