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The Good Omens AU in which Crowley and Adam go into business together

Found while googling for random Good Omens-related things: Crowley Young Chartered Accountants. Address, 10 Berkeley Street.

As a general comment from one who has been whiling away some of her sick leave this week having a look at GO fanfic for the first time in ages, I have to admit that I am not entirely looking forward to the increase in fandom activity that next year's TV series will doubtless bring... On the one hand, increased volume and discussion is great. On the other, people might be Wrong on the Internet! Though I had to admit that as someone who enjoys a bit of good old-fashioned smarm for this one, Sheen and Tennant's recent Comic Con interview is very encouraging: It makes it so much easier as an actor to go ‘my objective in this scene is to not show you how much I love you,' and just gaze longingly at you all the time'. (3 mins in)

TL:DR I like the trailer. For me, the biggest problems hitherto with Pratchett adaptations has been that they've tended to be stodgy, and this looks like they might have avoided that.

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Tags: good omens, pratchett
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