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Perhaps some consolation...

To those disappointed with David Tennant's look for Crowley in Good Omens I have two things that may, as Mary Bennett almost put it, pour the into the wounded bosoms of each other the balm of fannish consolation.

(1) He does look incredibly like those Medieval paintings/MS illustrations of the Serpent with flowing locks. It's an informed choice, if not going to be everyone's favourite choice.

(2) If I'd been the costumer/make-up designer, and it was my headcanon, you'd have had him looking like Trevor from The Good Place with just an extra dash of 80s estate agent. I'm not kidding. Think how much worse it could be!

While I'm on the subject, a rec. I don't particularly ship Aziraphale/Crowley, but how often do you get a fic that includes fake articles from Sight and Sound about the Derek Jarman film "Sodom: On the Head of a Pin" and a fake Anglo-Saxon article with yr actual Anglo-Saxon?

such surpassing brightness at AO3

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Tags: good omens, pratchett
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