nineveh_uk (nineveh_uk) wrote,

Internetting wanly from the sofa

Nothing is as reassuring that you shouldn't be at work as making the 10 minute work phone call you promised and being completely and utterly flattened afterwards. On the plus side, other people at work have what sounds like the same thing, so for once it isn't just me being hors de combat.

Shall I watch parliament on TV this afternoon? Probably not. Seeing the whole shambles is just too painful, I'd rather follow it in the Guardian. A friend linked to this in the New Statesman, which I thought was quite good, in a weary way, on how very, very much British political leaders are to blame. But really, John Crace says everything you need to know and captures the surreal and despairing quality both. Though I always have to remind myself that he is not also the novelist who wrote that tremendously boring Whitbread-winning novel about Jesus; that's Jim Crace.

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Tags: politics, real life, whinging
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