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The minor agonies of Brexit

For a summer holiday, should I just book a week in a hotel for hiking in the Alps now against the prospect of the pound crashing on Friday, or do I hope the pound won't crash (any more) until December, and go on a more expensive holiday (which would involve more thinking about that I haven't done) that I won't be able to when the pound has crashed next year? Decisions, decisions.

In other news, [personal profile] antisoppist acted as enabler in the purchasing of this splendid Orrefors jug that was in the window of Oxfam at the weekend. It is now installed on the 'interesting objects' shelf of the bookcase. I may allow myself to use it from time to time. It is beautifully balanced, and the green glass reflects in the water when you pour. Perfect condition, £50, against three times that much new. Clearly there is not much market locally for Swedish glassware.

Orrefors Nobel jug

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Tags: politics, real life
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