nineveh_uk (nineveh_uk) wrote,

Familiar at this time of year... (a bit whingy)

The experience of preparing to get things done at work in order to be ready to go holiday rendering one in desperate need of a holiday. OK, I admit it would have helped if I had done the thing I spent all morning on a month or so a go, but there are reasons I didn't, namely that there were other extremely urgent things to do and I didn't have a spare day for this. Which is now both urgent and overdue.

Meanwhile I continue to fail to buy new walking shoes, which means I shall have to do even the easy walking in my leather boots, which are comfortable, but a bit over the top on some occasionas, and also the weather is looking a bit mixed. Of my travails with the Swiss railway ticket booking website, I shall not speak.

And finally, Good Omens fandom, I beseech you, can we call a halt to the every more tortuous attempts to come up with a cutesy name for Armageddon not having happened? It was funny the first couple of times, it has long since joined the sort of things that belong in an office party in Hell.

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Tags: fandom, real life, whinging
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