nineveh_uk (nineveh_uk) wrote,

As worn in Byzantium

One day when I was about seven, my mother and I were shopping in BhS, buying me a summer dress. There were two possible garments; a plainish practical blue one, the sort of thing I had had before and liked and that Nancy Blackett might not object to, and a frilly white and pale green flowery print one with a ra-ra skirt. Both fit. My mother enquired which I wanted. My mother favoured the blue one, and directed the conversation with indubitable arguments about the fact I would get a lot more wear out of it. We went to the till. Whereupon I burst into hysterical sobs because I had set my heart on the fancy one, but it was more expensive and less practical– a ‘best’ dress – and my mother was quite right, hence I hadn’t said I wanted it, but now I was going to go home with the blue one and it was the end of all hope. I did this sort of thing quite often, because I hated asking for things I really, really wanted and feared were going to be turned down, and so expected my parents to use their psychic powers. I must have been a trying child at times. Or as my mother puts it, “You were quite difficult, and then you became very difficult”. I can believe this. Happily, all was resolved. I needed the blue dress, so it was purchased, and the frilly one was bought as well. I didn’t wear the frilly one much, because it was fancy and I was self-conscious about it, and Sarah next door was a bitch, and I grew out of it in a year.

Today I saw this skirt in Marks and Spencers. In the Classic Collection. I am going to have to buy it. Obviously, it’s being in the Classic Collection, I am rather horrified with myself. There are women of 95 who think that the Classic Collection is too old for them, home as it is of the cream polyester trousers with the gold button and the embroidered blouse with vents. Nonetheless, I need this skirt. It will fill a psychological void. Happily it is not polyester, but linen and viscose, and when I have replaced the white plastic button with a shell one, and tacked down the belt over the waist (possibly removing the tie) in order to better conceal the elastic, or even removed the elastic altogether, it will be a very pretty skirt indeed (and look considerably better than in the photo).
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