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I can has closure!

5 little hooks and eyes, to be precise, attached last night whilst listening to the English batting implode once again. This morning I finished whipping round the lapels and collar with a pickstitch to keep them nice and flat, and after 4 ½ months of sporadic effort, I have finished my beech-greenwool jacket. After a brief panic a couple of weeks ago when I realised that the wool lining of the front was going to take up quite a lot of room, I can report that – by accident rather than design – it fits perfectly, and by a hell of a lot of effort, it looks fantastic. It also, to my pleased surprised during a walk this morning round Christchurch meadow, turns out to be surprisingly windproof. I am, frankly, chuffed with myself.

I have realised that I am in need of a digital camera for more than taking photographs of sewing projects, yesterday’s photos proving to me that nice as my film point-and-click is, it works best in Mediterranean light taking photos of things that are not too distant and not too close. It is time to move on to something that will better flatter my rank amateurism as a photographer. Suggestions welcome.

Let the Right One In is proving enjoyable, if perhaps not quite so original as it (or perhaps the reviewers) think it is. Physical description of the grey Swedish suburbs is oddly absent - perhaps we are all supposed to have seen them, because the writer is actually pretty good of description of other places. As I remember being driven up the wall reading Cold Mountain by the frequent detailed descriptions of things that I had seen or heard described before*, this may not be an entirely bad thing. The American translation continues to prove slightly annoying. It's the wrong foreignness that throws me.

*Except for grits, which were eaten frequently and not described once, so that I had to look them up.

[ETA: Is it wrong that watching Lark Rise I want to read passionate and angst-ridden Dorcas/Sir Timothy fan-fic?]
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