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This morning I phone up Royal Mail yet again to find out just what the weuryweuoj%$^£$&£I%$*uiofhasio;dfh34q5 has happened to my post (now not delivered for well over a fortnight).

Finally, an answer has come back from the Sorting Office: the post has not been delivered because the postman is off sick and he has the key to the box. The mail is being held at the sorting office.

My response:

- that's a pretty simple answer. Why didn't you give it a fortnight ago, before I cancelled all the post from my bank etc.?

- what do you mean, he's got the key? Send a man in a taxi and get it. If he won't give it to you, send a man in a police car. Or send a locksmith. Besides, where's the bloody spare?

- so I was just supposed to sit not getting any post until this man was back from work, was I? What happened to an official notice on the outside of the box.

What happened to rubbing two brain cells together and thinking not, "Oh well, hold on to it until Bob's back" but "Oh no! These people can't get their post - how can we, Royal Mail, make sure they do get their post?" If the bank had not opened because the bank manager had the keys and was on holiday, do we think that HBSC headquarters would have said, "No problem, let's wait until he gets back from Barbados next month?"

Fuckwits. Fuckwits. Fuckwits.

Yes, I shall be taking this further.
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