nineveh_uk (nineveh_uk) wrote,

Remind me not to use the word 'secretary'... part of my job title when on the phone to letting agents. I bet if Sir Humphrey Appleby phoned up you wouldn't assume that he needed a financial guarantor.

Yes, it's moving time again, and this time, I really have to do it. Anyone with a place to let in Oxford, let me know!

I seem to be posting a lot just recently, but lots of things have required ranting about.

[ETA: Suddenly realised an another annoying thing; it's polling day, and I haven't received my card. Cue phone call to Town Hall to discover if there actually are local elections and where my polling station is so that I can nip down at lunchtime before going off to London this afternoon until Saturday. Though my cross will only serve as a protest vote, given that the incompetents who ensure that I pay more council tax for Band B than my sister does for Band D in London are sure to be voted in again.]
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