nineveh_uk (nineveh_uk) wrote,

Oh damn!

It is a given that on each sewing project, I will do attempt to stitch one piece in the wrong way round. These days I generally manage to spot this at the tacking stage. Not this time. Just when I thought I was on the home straight with this dress (which has to be finished for Saturday morning), I realised that I had set the left sleeve in the right armhole. I tried it on anyway, but alas! it is just asymetric enough for it to be, not visibly wrong, but uncomfortable. Well, I'll unpick it tonight, but I'm not going to try and do it again until tomorrow; it would only end in tears.

On another note entirely, the Angel of the Bandwagon designs appear to be astonishingly uninspired even for publicly commissioned art*.

*I know that there can be some great publicly commissioned art, but that done by British councils is rarely among it. I spent a pleasant ten minutes at St Pancras, waiting for my sister, marvelling at how splendid is the restoration job on the station, and how absolutely dreadful the statue of the re-united lovers, which looks like a giant GCSE project done in plasticine.

[ETA: On the plus side, thinking about this has, by way of circuitous thinking involving Leeds Town Hall, given me a really tasteless joke to use in a future piece of Wimseyfic, so I am seizing upon this silver lining to my temporary sow's ear.]
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