nineveh_uk (nineveh_uk) wrote,

I used to procrastinate, but these days I don't get round to it

Have submitted job application, on the final day as usual, and with the feeling once I had read the details carefully that they want someone with more people management experience, and that I don't know that I want a job that involves that much detailing with people, because I find it stressful. But it is done. Now I need to deal with another application this weekend, kicking myself that I haven't phoned up to find out more about it. This is particularly stupid, as my sister, who has worked in a related field, gave me some brilliant questions to ask, but I really hate phoning up to find out about things. It hits too many things at once: phoning strangers and making demands of them and potentially sounding like an idiot and taking risks.

Phoned up. Did sound like a complete idiot. On the other hand, so did the woman on the other end of the phone, so I assume she won't remember a hastily given name! I shall shove in an app. and see. I suspect they're lying that they don't want financial training, though.

On the plus side, I did a Grown-Up Thing yesterday. Some time ago, I rather liked a summer-weight quilt cover in M&S. I did not buy it because the expense was not Justifiable. I subsequently did not buy it when there was a 25% off promotion. Then it was not available anymore, and I regretted my purse-pinching folly.

Yesterday, I wandered through the shop to check whether the ridiculous Edwardian underwear nightclothes were in the sale yet. I can't believe there are many other people daft enough to want them - I want the nightdress as a petticoat, but the camisole is particularly ridiculous. Lo! the very small M&S led my past a bed with the quilt cover on it. I saw, I purchased, and I didn't even regret that it was £15 more than it would have been when the offer was on. I didn't buy the matching pillowcases, though, as they were £12 apiece, and I am ambivalent about matching pillowcases in general. Take that, inner puritan!

I'm so glad it is the end of the week, although I am going to have to spend the day in the office tomorrow. I have got very little done today through being shattered and disinclined, and I hand over and go back to my new job on Monday, so the desk needs to be tidy even if things aren't finished. Handover notes, what handover notes? However, I may go and see "The 39 Steps" at the theatre tonight as consolation. I also want to try and get the next couple of "What Sayers didn't Write" pieces written - only four to go, as the two sequels speak for themselves. I have managed to get myself into the familiar situation of having written the beginning and ends* but missed out the middle, and The Nine Tailors is decidedly not my favourite DLS book.

*I wrote the Busman's Honeymoon one about a year ago.
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