nineveh_uk (nineveh_uk) wrote,

Big Head and a couple of other things

I have spent much of the day - most of my gainfuly employed day - in making a tam o'shanter sort of hat (not plaid). Unfortunately, having just tried it on I seem to have spent much of the day making a hat that is too small. All is not lot - I can unpick the seam and insert a bit of fabric to increase the band size - but it is extremely annoying, and rather defeats my sense of having accomplished something. Oh well, I suppose the moral is not to underestimate the size of my skull.

It is a truth universally acknowledged that although you believe you haven't seen an Inspector Morse episode, five minutes in you will be sayin "Oh, it's the one in which X turned out to YTW and S did it."

Re. my last post, don't miss azdak's genius explanation of how the scenario could only arise as a result of a bet between Jeeves and Bunter in the comments. Also, for anyone who missed it back in January, a drabble of The Secret Diary of Mervyn Bunter, aged 35 1/2.
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